Talma IT Solutions comprises of a bunch of keyboard warriors, geeks, nerds & artists. We combine all types of skills, supplying our clients with complete online marketing, website development, corporate identity design & IT services.

Combining the extreme skillsets of our collective freelance group, our team has an in-depth knowledge of how the technology works.

With the quick pace of technology rapidly changing, at Talma IT Solutions we strive to constantly improve our techniques, keeping a constant focus on developing future proof script technologies, providing a creative conscious on design and giving freedom to our team to create innovative projects for our clients pushing them forward in the online world and digital era.

It’s scary how technology is evolving, but at Talma IT Services, we love it. With the incredible pace of technology, we are allowed to work in the comfort of our own home, while abroad or on holiday, with our flexible times, we meet deadlines, provide better quality service and express our creativity the best way we can. Less stress, more freedom, for you and us.

Talma IT Solutions services the world. Since we are skilled in online & digital development services, we aren’t limited to providing our services to South African companies only, we also provide our services abroad to any company located anywhere.


1. Experience

The older one gets ,the wiser the mindset, this applies to our vast exposure from technology to technology revisions & upgrades.

2. Modern Innovation

With the quick pace of technology rapidly changing, Talma IT Solutions team strives to constantly improve on our techniques, keeping a constant focus on developing future proof script technologies.

3. Creativity

Artistic & Graphical Minds at work to serve at your pleasure in delivering the best & standardized work. Revisions are also done during design production.

4. Reliability

History with our clients proves our credibility in terms of being a reliable company or service deliverer.

5. Stability

Our Software Life Cycle Development Strategies, enable us to guarantee consistency of our Products & Services.

6. Support

Talma IT services team provides 24/7 Unlimited support on systems . We have on SaaS (Software as a Service) Products or Platforms.

Some of our clients