Future Education

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and while terms like “Internet-of-Things” are becoming part of our lexicon, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robots are starting to take over. Extra Lessons At Any Level.

The Oasis College

At The Oasis College, we will meet or exceed our learners’ expectations by continuously improving and updating the skills and resources needed for demand driven Education, Training and Development. .

 Talma Online Store

Talma Dress & Learn is an online store catering from uniforms & textbooks at all levels of education. Order Online via Online Payment or Offline Payment Method. Items delivered at Your Doorstep.

Engineering Courses

Taal-Net offers flexible and accessible ways to brush up on your skills, advance your career and realize your dreams. Taal-Net International makes it easier for you.

Boarding Schools

Place where lives have been changed, a place where behaviors have been moulded,a place where hope has been restored and destinies recovered. Taalnet Group of Schools Student Hostel will welcome you. 

Taal-NET Schools

Taal-Net is a group of schools that offer a world class learning environment for Primary, High school, Matric classes, Computer Courses, Business Courses and IT consultancy and outsourcing services.